I’m the gal behind the camera!
Let’s get you to know me a little bit more…. for starters, my name is Bobbie Rae (yes, I came before Sweet Home Alabama, and no I am not a farm girl). I’m a big fan of a few things, which include Coffee, the outdoors, and my pup- Reggie… named after the G.O.A.T…any Pacer fans out there?? When I was 15, I took my first photo class. Since then, I have fallen in absolute LOVE with capturing pure, authentic moments. There is just something about catching a split second of perfection and joy in my clients.
Speaking of love…. 
A few years back, I fell in love with the concept of love  

I am sure once in your life, you have asked yourself what the heck your calling was, maybe? While I haven’t quite figured this out fully, I know that my Lord has called me to love in what ever it is that I do.

“My Lord has called me to LOVE” 

He has called me to speak love and to show love, because He was the one who first loved us, us who are SO unbelievably undeserving of any love at all. I have learned the biggest thing that comes out of love is JOY.. Pure, authentic, genuine JOY. Through LOVE we will find joy in the midst of our struggles.

Let me be the one to help you…
Reveal Your Joy 


Be Love,

Bobbie Rae

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